Can You Apply Spray Foam Insulation to Existing Attic Walls

Can you apply spray foam insulation to existing walls of attics without hassle? Good quality insulation lining the walls of your business or home ensures energy efficiency, protection from extreme weather, and cheaper energy bills, so it’s worth looking at. If your current insulation starts to fail, it’s not always the case that a total replacement is necessary. Here’s more about how adding some spray foam insulation to attic walls could be another viable option.

Spray Foam Insulation Attic Walls

Spray Foam Insulation for an Existing Attic Wall: Is It Possible?

Many people are surprised to learn that spray foam is one of the most reliable types of insulation out there. It could last a lifetime, preventing the need for future repairs. Spray foam can also get into hard-to-reach areas, so it’s a perfect option to add to your current Attic walls insulation. 

In most cases, the only time you’ll need to take further action is when your existing insulation contains fibreglass. Combining the two types of materials has the potential to lower the R-value (the insulation will be less effective). Working with a trusted professional can help you achieve the best results and get the most from your spray insulation wherever you want to put it.

The Professional Attic Spray Foam Insulation Installation Process

Can you apply spray foam insulation to existing walls in attics? Yes, but you can’t guarantee that you’ve covered every angle and completed the job perfectly without an experienced professional on hand.

After calling a reliable insulation installer, expect the following steps:

  • Consultation. Your chosen company will arrive to take a look at your property’s existing insulation. Based on its quality and type, they’ll provide a quote for services and offer a proposed plan of action.
  • Tackling drywall. To get to your current insulation, the professionals will need to cut through some drywall while doing as little damage as possible. Their goal will be to add spray insulation to areas big or small, leaving no area uninsulated.
  • Adding insulation. Once they’re through, the staff will spray the foam insulation and control its expansion to protect your drywall.

Working with a trusted professional is essential to verify that this insulation product fits the space perfectly and doesn’t cause any damage.

Benefits of Adding Spray Foam Insulation to Attics

  • Energy efficiency. Homes and business properties with solid insulation prevent drafts and support HVAC performance. 
  • Reliable indoor temperatures. Comfortable indoor temperatures are much easier to maintain with quality insulation. You can stay cool during the summers and warm during the winters, saving yourself money on energy bills in the long run. 
  • Excellent R-Value. Insulation with a high R-value works better. Spray foam continues to have excellent scores.

Can you apply spray foam insulation to existing attic walls? Now you know that it’s possible, it’s quick with expert help, and it’s an easy way to experience more comfortable indoor temperatures and lower energy bills! 

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