The 5 Least Renovated Interior Spaces in Canada

When it’s time to renovate your home, kitchens and bathrooms always get a top priority. However, focusing only on popular rooms means missing significant opportunities. least renovated interior deserve an upgrade, too. Reimagining ignored spaces can change your home. It can improve its style and function, giving your house a better look. With clever renovations, you can breathe new purpose into humdrum areas. Turn wasted spaces into rooms you’ll love living in. Make every inch of your home as practical as it is beautiful. Here are the five least renovated interior spaces in Canada with major potential for upgrades:

Least Renovated Interior

1. Laundry Rooms

Laundry rooms tend to become cluttered catchalls. Appliances are crammed into a small, unfinished room. Renovating with fresh, cheerful paint helps add luxury to your home. So does using durable luxury vinyl plank flooring. Adding storage cabinets holds supplies. A folding table or built-in ironing board helps. Task lighting and pendant lights brighten. They make doing laundry far easier and more pleasant.

2. Garages

For most homeowners, garages are for tools and clutter, not for living. The garages are transformed with wall cabinets, racks, and lofts for storage. The floors should get epoxy coating for easy cleaning. A goog LED lighting brightens every corner will make your garage look better. Ceiling storage for seasonal items and defined parking spaces should be strategically defined. The garages also get electrical vehicle charging. These changes make the garages cleaner and more functional.

3. Home Offices

Home offices should be set up for productivity and comfort. This is because remote work is surging. Outdated offices can feel dark and stressful. Renovations include fresh paint in energizing hues. They also have new lighting to brighten the space and have an ergonomic desk and chair for support. They also have bulletin boards and shelves to display items. Also, they have built-in cabinets and drawers to conceal office clutter. They make work more pleasant.

4. Closets

Crammed closets with limited storage get passed over for upgrades. However, custom closet systems make getting dressed easier. They also add space. Drawers, shelves, racks, benches, and personalized compartments bring order to overflowing closets.

5. Basements

Unfinished basements feel gloomy and go unused. Remodeling creates valuable living areas. Drywall, paint, and trim add warmth. New laminate flooring makes basements livable. Added windows and recessed lighting brighten. Bathrooms and bedrooms turn raw space into living zones.


Kitchen and bathroom redos are popular. But, renovating underused areas pays off in livability and value. Revitalizing laundry rooms, garages, offices, closets, and basements brings convenience and luxuries throughout your home. Contact home solutions consultant today for a free consultation and estimate on refreshing overlooked areas or any home remodelling project.

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