The Timeless Appeal of Traditional Garage Doors

Most homes’ curb appeal lies on their garage doors. The garage door is always facing the street and takes up a good size of the building. A stylish, classic garage door is a great way to improve your home’s external aesthetics. It can also raise the property’s value. Garage doors come in different types and styles. But when considering the best types for a building, many home or property owners turn to traditional garage doors. That’s because they offer a timeless appeal to the house’s exterior, regardless of its architectural design. Whether a historically styled building or has a contemporary design, these classic garage doors can accommodate and improve its look.

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Why go for traditional garage doors?

Below, we share the reasons most people still go for traditionally styled garage doors.

Timeless design

Traditional garage doors have a classic and timeless design that never goes out of style. They give the home or property an elegant, charming appearance. For this reason, these doors are a common choice among many homeowners.

Long-lasting doors

These types of doors are made to last. Door manufacturers often use top-quality materials to make them. They can be made from wood, fiberglass, or steel. With regular maintenance, these doors last for years and years. They can withstand harsh conditions because of the materials from which they are made.

They are flexible 

Traditional garage doors come in different styles. Garage companies let you customize them. No matter the building’s design, you will find a door that matches it. These classic doors offer various designs and styles to fit different architectural styles.

Increased property value

The Timeless appeal of traditional garage doors can raise the value of your property. With the right garage door, the overall appearance of your home’s exterior increases. It will add to its attractiveness and physical appeal. Potential buyers will fall in love with the property.

The most popular traditional garage doors

Below we list some of the timeless garage doors that never go out of style:

Carriage doors

Carriage garage doors still remain a classic. They have that old-fashioned carriage house look that gives the building a timeless, elegant appearance. They are often made of wood or steel but with decorative hinges and other hardware. 

Retractable doors

Retractable doors save space because the doors slide inside. They don’t open inside or out. Its single panel is hinged atop the garage, so the door retracts upwards. These are often made from wood. And you’ll mostly find them in traditional style homes. They give the building a historic, elegant appearance.

Other popular traditional styles are side-hinge, flushed, and raised panel doors.

Despite the different contemporary style garage doors, traditional ones remain popular. This is for good reasons. They give the home exterior a timeless appeal and elegance that improves the building’s architectural design. No matter the style of the building, a traditional garage door can greatly improve its look and appeal.

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